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About me and my past:

rom99_lupa.JPG (18488 bytes)The two images point to my special relationship to Roma, where I was born, and Zurich, where I have spent the biggest part of my life. Although the two cities are not far away from a geographic viewpoint (about 600 miles), daily life is quite different. As is the approach of the people to so many everyday life situations.

At the beginning I suffered from the split in my mind and in my heart. I invested an outstanding effort to understand the roots ofZuerich.jpg (16856 bytes) different behaviors, mental habits, and ways to react in the two different cultures.

Now I am convinced to have combined the best of both cultures in a positive, healthy way at the same time avoiding their drawbacks.

After 42 years of activity as electronical engineer, 34 of them at the previous Oerlikon-Contraves AG, now Rheinmetall Air Defence AG , I am currently retired engineer and philosophy student.

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